Space Shuttle Simulator 3D Light App Reviews

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This Is The Worst Game Ever Because Of Ads👎

This Game Is The Worst Because Of The ADs! I Wish This Game Didn’t Exist! It’s So Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Wish The Ads Didn’t Exist! This Game Gives Me Bad Luck! Creator, This Game Has ADVERTISEMENTS!!!! REMOVE THEM. NOW.


This game is terrible. The angle is so slow so you don’t know what angle your going to then overshoot it, devs are so greedy for money they just put together this piece of crap and run ads every 20 seconds. Not fun and unplayable strongly don’t recommend getting.

Just god awful

Would give zero stars if possible it's absolutely terrible every time you get almost close to you're target altitude a big unskippable add pops up. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Worst game possible

I would say for no one to play this game because there is just too many ads if there was no ads five stars

No stars

Lame, lame and more lame!

Terrible too many ads

If I want to play, let me play. Do not interrupt my game with ads!

💩 omg garbage

really put an ad in the middle of the lift off??

One star OH WELL

Not a game I would suggest to anyone. Can't fly the rocket in the middle of the ads. Not worth the trouble to download. Redesign the way ads work if you keep the ads.™


this game is awful do not download!!!

Ads galore

Too many ads, but the game itself was fun

Ads all the time

The game is unplayable due the frequency of the ads. Deleted immediately

Controls and ads👎

Every few seconds there would be a 30 second ad. Also the controls are so slow and you can't change the camera angle.

Too many ads

Ad automatically plays every 20 seconds.

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